For a house to be considered “home,” it needs to feel like a place where you can be proud to live, where you can bring your family and friends, and where you’ll make many important memories. When purchasing their first home, most buyers consider its appearance, functionality, and the cost of any repairs. Typically, most of us don’t make any other home purchases for many years. This is why most homebuyers are fairly inexperienced, so here are 4 major areas to consider when buying a home.

The plumbing – Ideally, should the plumbing be replaced, or is it in good condition? Are you getting a sewer inspection? This is where a lot of issues can lie undetected if you don’t have a professional take a look. Plumbing issues can haunt you for years after you purchased the home.

The roof – Extending protection for the building, the roof prevents moisture and pests from entering it. A poorly maintained roof can drastically reduce the lifespan of many home systems, and replacing a roof can be very expensive. If you don’t know the state of the roof, you will need to plan ahead for a major expense in the future when it breaks down.

HVAC system – Home inspectors frequently find that duct systems have deteriorated when they poke their heads into attics. This typically leads to significant damage to the HVAC system and much higher heating/cooling costs. If the HVAC unit is old or poorly maintained, it might need to be replaced.

The electrical system – A home inspector can assess the current state of a home’s electrical wiring and fixtures. However, older homes often have outdated wiring that needs to be replaced. If there is aluminum wiring in a home, this could pose a fire hazard, and it is a huge project to replace it.

To make sure that your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare, hire a professional home inspector to ensure everything in the home is as it should be.

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